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Elinipsico Cornstalk


*Shawnee Chief 1777

*Son of Chief Cornstalk

*Murdered by Whites while on a peace mission with his Father to Fort Randolph, Point Pleasant, WV.

*Son of Chief Cornstalk

After the blatant disrespect by the settlers of the Treaty of Camp Charlotte. Elinipsico followed his Father to Point Pleasant in support of the friendly warning to the Virginia and Ohio settlement parties. Elinipsico, Chief Cornstalk, Red Hawk and Patella got as far as the Fort at Point Pleasant, West Virginia to report of the pending trouble.

After their arrival, news came that some Shawnee Warriors had ambushed and killed a soldier. The colonists became angry and exacted revenge upon the Shawnee by murdering their Chief Elinipsico, Chief Cornstalk, Red Hawk and Patella.

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