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In Memory of Joseph M. Wofford (JM)

This page is to honor my father who passed away September 1, 2010. JM Wofford was born in the Everett Springs Community of Floyd County, Georgia on September 12, 1935 to Joseph Harrison Wofford and Gertrude B. Wofford.

I think the true measure of our existance is the legacy we leave behind. My father was active in so many things, Scouts, Special Olympics, American Legion, and almost everyone who knew him loved him. He loved children and children loved him, every child was his grandchild and his grandchildren the light of his life.

He was never prouder than the day my niece was born, he adored her and loved her so much. When she had her first child my Dad was even prouder, and he wanted to be with Devin every moment he could, this was normal with every great grandchild, Jacob, Quinn, and Melody. He won't be here to see the new baby and she will never know just how much he would have loved her. He will stand guard over her and protect her as best he can, as his parents have done over their grandchildren, and hopefully she will feel his presence every day of her life as the other children will. When the great grandchildren have children of their on I hope that they are given stories about Paw paw J.M. and how much he loved them, because he will always be a part of them, and he will always love them and watch over them.

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